"Monastic Complex"

Manasbal Lake is located about 30 km north of Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State. It has predominantly rural surroundings with three villages, Kondabal, Jarokbal and Gratbal overlooking the lake. Manasbal is considered as the ‘supreme gem of all Kashmir lakes’ with lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) nowhere more abundant or beautiful than on the margins of this lake during July and August. It is the deepest lake of Kashmir valley and perhaps the only one that develops stable summer stratification. Manasbal Lake in the Kashmir valley is a picturesque water body that is nestled in the serene Jhelum valley. Residing solo, the beautiful Manasbal Lake is not attached to any major channels for water inflow. Tucked away in the lap of nature, the lake is one of the major attractions near Srinagar, the visit of which one can bank on. The origin of this popular lake is not yet clear. However, it is believed by the locals that it is very ancient as it is named after the sacred Mansarovar Lake in Kailash mountain. In today’s times, Manasbal lake is by far the deepest lake in India and it gives tourism a new high in the state. The exotic view of the lake includes beautiful lotus flowers dotted in the major portion of the lake. Much to the amazement, the surroundings of this natural lake boast of an ancient fort on its north shore.

Described as the heaven for birdwatchers, tourists are likely to experience a different aspect of Kashmir via its calmness. Garoka which is a Mughal garden is another very famous attraction built by Nur Jahan. Present on the banks of the lake, the ruins of the Manasbal Temple and Buddhist shrines boast of the Mughal era. Some of the small snow streams drain into this lake which is used for fishing by the locals. One of the best tourist attractions, the calm waters, and lotus leaves along with blooming flowers is a feast for the eyes.