Kokernag is another beautiful and attractive tourist destination in Kashmir. It is located in Anantnag district, at a distance of about 70 km from Srinagar. The place has splendid natural beauty which is serene and calm. The place is blessed with some gorgeous natural beauty. Various rare varieties of plants and flowers are found here.
Kokernag has various interesting legends attached to it regarding its name. It got its name comprises of two words ‘koker’ meaning ‘chicken’ and ‘nag’ meaning ‘serpent’. ‘Nag’ also means a sulphurous water spring in Kashmiri. It is also believed that the spring is called kokernag, because of it originates from a claw shaped origin in the earth and moves ahead like a serpent. It is also said that since the collection of various springs forms the shape of a chicken claw, that is why it is called kokernag. Otherwise the real name of the place is Bindoo Zalangam.
Kokernag is a beautiful place with splendid scenic spot; the favourite being the garden that surrounds the spring. Waterfall is a beautiful attraction for the tourists. However, the most important tourist attraction is the Papa-shudan Nag, the sulphurous spring believed to possess magical powers of healing. The water is known for its digestive properties and other medical importance.

Home to a spring with magical, curative powers, a tour to Kokernag is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Srinagar. Located at an altitude of around 2012 meters above sea level, tour to Kokernag also reveals some of the other treasures of this important tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir.
The moment you enter the green valley of Kokernag, you are welcomed by the cool and fragrant air of the mountains, an air that brings with it the perfume of the blossoming flowers which you see all around this picturesque vale.